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San Lo
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San Lorenzo

...with the sweet and scentful aroma of fresh flowers and cocaine-concocted coffee, blood-painted walls for suicide-fans; san lorenzo is the home to candy-floss cobwebs, cheshire cats, domestic drags, dominant dormice, indoor-growing trees, mad tea parties, poisoned pieces of carrot cake, puddles of anonymous tear-drops, running-late rabbits, thiethylperazine-tainted tea...


[x] Understand the difference between Muses and characters. This community is strongly pro-Muse (as opposed to Muns 'playing' their Muses) so problems may arise with other members if you find yourself unable to respect the concept of Muses. Please know that if there are repeated disagreements with Muses in the community your Muse (or character) will probably be torn to shreds by the other Muses, and may be asked to leave.

[x] Be respectful of your fellow Muns. Keep the OOC drama out of the RP. This is a roleplay, not a pissing contest. If you're having serious problems, please contact us - Tora or Miyavi - and we'll see what we can do.

[x] This community is moderated. Applying does not automatically mean you are accepted. If you're a Mun or Muse looking to get a feel for the place, drop us a line and we'll talk. Also, because it is closed to the general public, please friend-lock all posts in the community.

[x] No trolls. No advertising in the main community. Posts in the community that abuse its fundamental purpose (roleplaying) will be deleted.

[x] One journal per Muse. Thanks. Your Muse's journal must also be seperate from your own personal one.

[x] No godmodding. No metagaming. End of story.

[x] Your Muse is asked to try to stay active but honestly, they have their own minds. As long as they speak up once in a while so that we know that they're still around, there isn't going to be any cuts for activity.

[x] Duplicates are love.

[x] NC-17 content inside, so no Muns under seventeen allowed.

The roleplaying takes place through comments, unless there is a situation in which playing over messenger would be simpler. It's a co-ed school, and the rating is G through NC-17. Questionable content is welcome. Contact the moderators if you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding the rules, or anything about the community. These rules are our guidelines for administration in the community, but keep in mind that they are not 100% black and white. There is rarely a major deviation from what is highlighted above, but sometimes it is necessary to adapt the rules to certain situations. If you do not trust that our actions are with every intent to be fair to everyone, please discuss your concerns with us.

We are in no way affiliated with the characters used in this roleplay. Any similarities between events that happen here and those that happen in real life are simply a coincidence. This is purely for entertainment and neither the mods nor the players are making any money from it.
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